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Gentle Chair Yoga

Green Bay

Restore the body and renew the mind with this gentle yoga that promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation through a wide variety of poses and breathing techniques. This class is appropriate for all abilities, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, you’ll find a relaxing yoga experience in our Gentle Chair Yoga class.


Green Bay and Oconto

Yoga is mind-body exercise that focuses on improving your flexibility, strength, and balance while enhancing and strengthening your posture, coordination, and mental focus. These classes are a great way to relieve stress and leave feeling great.

Yoga Fusion

Green Bay

This class combines the best elements of both yoga and barre! Start off with some lower body toning and strengthening moves that will get your heart pumping before bringing it down again as you ground and center your mind with some yoga poses. Be prepared to move mindfully and be amazed at how strong your body and mind really are!

Yoga strong

Green Bay

Balance strength with surrender! Through contraction and relaxation, we build strength and train our muscles to relax. Fusing Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles, we create a dynamic and connected series of asana. This offers opportunities to create surrender in each pose while increasing strength, balance, flexibility, overall fitness, and reducing tension and stress. This class will invite participants to add a variety of optional movement with props, blocks, yoga straps, and light hand weights. Each class will begin with focus on pranayama to clear the mind, free the breath, and channel energy. Class will conclude with meditative relaxation.