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aqua HIIT


This class has a high intensity Tabata-style format while utilizing various pool equipment.

aqua pilates


Focusing on postural strength, alignment, flexibility, and balance, participants will utilize the pool edge and noodles for ballet and Pilates inspired exercises in the pool. This class is great for those looking to gain strength while avoiding stress on the joints.

aqua sculpt


Tone and sculpt your body using he gentle resistance of water. Class combines different workout aspects such as intervals, core, and resistance training. Each workout has components that can be adapted to your fitness level and intensity preferences.

aqua splash


In this class, participants will perform cardiovascular exercises in the shallow end of the pool as well as strength training exercises for the upper and lower body using water, weights, and resistance tubing for an added challenge. All ages and skill levels are welcome!

aqua tone & stretch


if you have aches and pains, come join this aqua class formerly known as “Limited Mobility.”

silversneakers splash


This class utilizes the shallow end of the pool to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Learn exercises that can help increase your joint range of motion and strengthen muscles without excess stress. No swimming ability is required.

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