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Kristen Weglarz

Kristen Weglarz

Personal Trainer

About Me

I have had a deep passion for everyone being able to move well, live healthy and enjoy life to the fullest since being a teenager.  As a nationally certified NASM Personal Trainer, I have the awesome privilege of being able to bring you science-based fitness and health knowledge using a variety of equipment and tools in a positive and caring atmosphere while applying fitness in real life application for you.  Any age, any ability, any starting (or re-start) point is able to work towards improvement.

By choosing to be my client, I look forward to getting to know you personally, learning what your concerns and/or goals are, and meeting you right where you are at (but not staying there). I am here to make fitness fun for you! I know life happens but I also know life happens!

Fitness brings out the best of yourself. It helps you look better, feel better, and move better. At that point, you are not only there for yourself, but now you are really able to shine for others. Deciding to work with a personal trainer, purchasing sessions and scheduling an appointment is the first step in achieving your best self.