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Eydie Strand

Eydie Strand

Personal Trainer

About Me

I believe that “You get what you give” when it comes to fitness. Learning how to move properly before adding more advanced exercises is essential and something all of our trainers put an emphasis on. This value that our personal trainers add, is why everyone should consider at least trying it.

Bellin Fitness sets ourselves apart by the fact that we are meticulous about people moving and functioning well and properly before moving on to intermediate and advanced exercises. To help with the creation of our programming we use the well-known Functional Movement Screening process, which is a great tool.

Remember fitness is not just physical. Succeeding at your fitness journey often depends on your mental strength. Having an open mind, the readiness and willingness to learn, and the drive to become healthier can be either your greatest barrier, or your greatest strength. Having a solid connection with your trainer is an essential part of helping with that mental strength. A trainer should be able to lift you and inspire you – not just physically, but mentally. One of the special gifts our trainers here at Bellin Fitness have is that not only can we take you through a great and efficient work out, but also make it so that by the time you are done; you can’t wait to come back!

This is why I enjoy my job. It is truly a job of passion. I love seeing my clients having that “Aha!” moment when they master a new exercise, start to feel better, start losing weight, or notice that their energy and quality of life are improving.


  • NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA – Certified Group Exercise, Kickbox and STEP Instructor
  • AFAA – Education / Examination Consultant
  • EMT B & EMS Educator


  • Functional Training
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Pre/Postnatal Fitness Education
  • Weight Management
  • TRX Suspension Training