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Andre Sanchez

Andre Sanchez

Personal Trainer

About Me

Personal training is a huge part of my life because I enjoy helping others. One philosophy I believe in is that, in order to go through life, you have to move through it. If you can’t move well, it is going to be very difficult to move forward. I am here, and for, people getting better, moving better, and moving more efficiently. This helps to improve quality of life. I want your daily routines to become easier and more enjoyable to move through.

I believe there is always a way for us to take initiative towards feeling better. One way you can do that is by learning to move better throughout your day-to-day activities. I am very passionate about teaching an individual how to move properly and why, versus just telling you to do it. It is vital for you to learn and understand how to move your own body and what truly feels best. In the end, a happy life is the one we are all trying to live.


  • Bachelor of Science – Exercise Science


  • Corrective Exercise
  • Weight Lifting