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From New Year’s Resolution to New Adventures

Posted August 18, 2022 by Aly Eichman

Wes joined Bellin Health Fitness January 1st of 2022 when he started his fitness journey. He joined with the goal of becoming the best version of himself—and boy, did he ever accomplish that!

As a new member, he wanted to build muscle and to survive a 30 minute workout. Over the course of the last 8 months, Wes has come in & worked out at our facility over 160 times—averaging 5 times a week (!). Regularly participating in our Power Up: Outdoor Bootcamp class and working independently in the weight room & cardio room, Wes has crushed his goals and has lost over 50lbs. Even better, he beat his 6’4 teenage nephew in one-on-one basketball 11-3!

His advice for new members: “Stay consistent & disciplined. Trust the process.”

Now Wes has set new goals for himself—at the end August, he is heading out for a multiple month, cross-country bicycle trip. From coast to coast, Wes will be peddling across the entire United States – You can follow along with his adventure here!

The entire Bellin Fitness team is so proud of all that Wes has accomplished so far, and wish him luck on his trip! You can follow along with his bike trip here!