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Common myths about women and strength training

Posted July 14, 2022 by Stefanie Bons

All too often I talk to people, mainly women, who would like to work on getting back into shape, but are hesitant about adding a strength/weight training routine to their workout because they believe it will make them big and bulky and that is not what they are looking for. I am here to tell you that is a myth.

Most people do not spend enough time in the gym, load up on enough supplements, and restrict their diet enough to certain foods that would allow them to bulk up like the ‘Hulk’. Strength training is an important piece that should be added to any workout and is even recommended by the Department of Human Health and Services. The DHHS recommends adults should strength/weight train 2-3 days a week for at least 20-30 minutes. As we age, there are certain ‘side-effects’ that come with it. This makes adding a strength routine even more important to your workout, especially for women.

Click below to read 4 of the most common myths that are associated with women and strength training. Take time to read the facts as to how these myths are busted!