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Meet Jan Steinhorst – Committed to personal training

Posted April 28, 2022 by Bellin Health

Hello fellow Bellin Fitness enthusiasts! Today we are giving a special shout out to applaud the accomplishments of Eydie Strand’s personal training client, Jan Steinhorst.  Jan has been a loyal client for almost 6 years, dedicating a full hour x two times per week to personal training.

We asked Jan to weigh in on what keeps her motivated and what benefits she has experienced from several years of consistent training sessions.  Jan feels her endurance and stamina really allows her to get through her day with energy to spare!  After having had a double hip replacement, the training sessions have improved her strength and flexibility, and improved her metabolism.  She feels training has bolstered her immune system, as she rarely misses an appointment due to illness.

When Bellin Fitness reopened their doors after Covid struck, Jan was back in the door the first day!  She knew that a healthier, fitter body was the antidote to illness and disease.  Jan was highly motivated to get back to her workouts and we’re so glad she did!

Eydie and Jan have built a relationship on trust, good communication and always lots of fitness FUN!  Eydie shared that Jan impresses her every time they are training and she’s honored to be Jan’s trainer.