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How Patricia and Sue joined forces in the Gym

Posted April 6, 2022 by Bellin Health

Patricia and Sue are two Bellin Fitness members who have been training together under the guidance of personal trainer, Kristen W. While Sue has been on her health and fitness journey for almost a decade now, Patricia’s journey started in 2021. Patricia and her husband moved to the area during COVID and struggled with meeting people until joining the Bellin Fitness Bond Center.

Sue and Patricia had similar goals and motivations: Get healthy to enjoy the upcoming years, improve mental health, and be pushed harder. Patricia put it simply – “I am not interested in a sedentary lifestyle where I’m told that a walk to the corner is enough exercise for a woman my age.” The two women wanted to try different equipment and learn to use it safely with maximum benefit.

In regards to the personal training sessions, Patricia emphasized that “The focus is always on ability, and modifications are always offered to address individual challenges. Kristen asks what we want to learn and is happy to oblige. She is fun and personable. Her enthusiasm helps push you to always do just a little bit more…carefully. I’ve never been in a more supportive environment. I have been inspired by many of the people I’ve met – members and staff alike.”

When asked about advice for others on their own health and fitness journeys, Sue responded with, “Find out what works for you – Not everything is for everyone! Stick with it and always be willing and curious enough to try new things.”