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How Patricia lost 80 lbs and feels amazing!

Posted March 7, 2022 by Bellin Health



Patricia started her health journey with Bellin Fitness in early January 2020 shortly after moving to the Green Bay area. Living alone had contributed to her poor nutrition and dietary habits. Patricia stated, “I snacked due to boredom and didn’t get much exercise.”

Patricia started personal training will Bellin’s personal trainer, Dane Sutton. “He set up a program for me that I felt comfortable doing without fear of further injury. He continues to challenge and guide me towards my fitness goals. I also started the HMR weight management program at Bellin at the same time,” Patricia states. Eleven months later, Patricia had lost 80 pounds! She recollects that accountability, or the lack of it, was a huge challenge she had been facing. Patricia continues to see her personal trainer, Dane, a couple of times a week along with a weekly appointment with one of Bellin’s health educators, Leslie Servais.

“My world has changed dramatically! I feel better and more energetic – like I could conquer the world. I am much more active and even my social life has evolved in a good way. I am much more confident in myself and in what I can do. I look forward to working out and working towards my goals with the support of Bellin Health.”

Patricia’s biggest advice for when motivation is hard to come by is to re-focus on WHY you are working towards a healthier version of yourself.

Click here to watch Patricia’s journey to a healthier life by combining Bellin’s HMR weight management program and our personal trainer, Dane Sutton.