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The Importance of Moving Well

Posted February 1, 2022 by Bellin Health

With the New Year upon us, it has been exciting to see many of you returning to the facility and taking active roles in your health on a regular basis. Lately, I’ve been asking myself, is the time, effort, and money you are investing into your own health and fitness truly helping to achieve optimal movement and healthy joints?  Is there more Bellin Fitness could be doing to ensure you, our members, are achieving your full potential?  The answer is yes!  In this post, I will briefly discuss the difference between “Moving Often” compared to “Moving Well”.

“Moving often” simply means coming to the fitness center and working out in the hopes of improving one’s health. “Moving well” means training one’s body to move as efficiently as possible.  Think of the difference as ‘quantity versus quality’. When our bodies achieve “Moving Well”, there is a decrease in the stress placed on our joints, tendons, & ligaments.  This in turn improves our ability to recover faster without much threat of injury or stress on the body. Only then, can we increase the intensity of your workouts while continuing to minimize your risk of injury.

 How can Bellin Fitness improve your workout?  

As medical fitness professionals, we have the education and training to perform what is widely recognized in the fitness industry as Movement Science. Through the Movement Science process, there are three primary goals when working with our clients.

  1. Identify asymmetries in flexibility, stability, and strength that create compensated patterns of movement from one side of your body to the other which can cause pain or injury. We do this through movement assessments and muscle testing.
  2. Identify your ability to perform the fundamental movement patterns (single-leg balance, lunging, squatting) that when performed well, will allow you to move more often, consistently, and safely throughout life.
  3. Create a personalized corrective exercise program utilizing data gathered to ensure that your time, effort, and money you have invested in yourself, truly supports your health and fitness goals.

 Have you been trained how to perform the movements optimally?  

Movements performed partially correct beg the question: Are they doing more harm than good in the end? “Moving Often” is a step in the right direction; but our goal is to ensure you are “Moving Well”.

If you are ready to learn more about Movement Science and the benefits this approach will bring to your workouts, please contact us and ask about our Movement Screen/Assessment or personal training services.