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Mary T. Fights for Fitness after Knee Procedures

Posted February 1, 2022 by Bellin Health

Mary is a retired in-home daycare provider and is married to her husband, Lanny. Together, they have 3 adult children – Tony, Laura, and Vince.  Mary also has numerous grandkids that she loves to help out with.   She also enjoys gardening, her maintaining her large Koi fish pond. When she first started with Bellin Fitness 5 years ago, her goals were to be more active as to be able to keep up with her grandkids. She just had a knee procedure and knew she needed to be more physically active.

Mary was so proud to come in one day and tell me she had asked her husband to move some big rocks (about 45 pounds) to the pond area one day.  She got tired of waiting for him to do it and so she moved them herself! Mary recently was preparing to have a procedure on her other knee. We knew we had work to do to in order to promote better outcomes post procedure.  Through her hard work and completing her homework she breezed through the procedure.

Afterwards she went to Bellin Health for physical therapy and saw Eric E.  He and I kept in touch and communicated her transition back to me in the fitness center.  We continue to work on general strengthening and Mary is able to keep up with those grandkids of hers. An obstacle of Mary’s was in regards to COVID-19 as she didn’t come in for a while due to the pandemic.  When she came back to me her shoulder was giving her discomfort.  We got her moving and in no time she started feeling better and improving again.

Mary’s advice if you are new to Bellin Fitness is to just come in for a while and you will start to see improvements in your daily life – you will become more active both mentally and physically. We would love to work with you no matter if your goal is to move heavy rocks to the pond area, or help transition to fitness after physical therapy!