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Shirley Dick

Posted November 13, 2021 by Bellin Health

Shirley  is a retired Bellin medical transcriber. She is 84 years old married with two children, eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Outside of the fitness center you can find Shirley reading a good book and studying the Bible. Shirley worked for Bellin for 20 years and joined the fitness center when Bellin offered it to their employees , she has been a member ever since.

Approximately a year and a half ago Shirley experienced irreversible damage to the gluteus medius muscle on both hips. After several weeks of physical therapy the fitness center became a place she could continue her recovery with personal training. She is very grateful for her trainer Stefanie who has a degree of knowledge on general fitness involved with exercise and instruction. She helped Shirley set goals, provided feedback, and accountability.

Since starting back with personal training Shirley has seen her glutes become stronger and is able to complete exercises, like squats and step exercises more easily. Her walking and gait has greatly improved since her injury. Shirley has seen her life change from using a walker all the time to only once in awhile. She is able to use the stairs properly, walk longer distances, and has seen a decrease in her limp. The encouragement Shirley received from her personal trainer keeps her focused and is grateful for the fitness center. Shirley’s fitness goals are to continue to strengthen the remaining two muscles in her hips, to build endurance, and to improve her balance to walk properly and climb stairs. Her advice  for others is to always stay positive, stay focused, and remember what the Bible says, “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Amen!”