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Sheri Piontek

Posted October 13, 2021 by Bellin Health

Meet Sheri Piontek, this week’s success story! Sheri (58) is a court reporter; she has a son Jake (29), a daughter Emily (25), and her cat, Karma. Sheri enjoys sewing, knitting, cooking, and going on walks. She is hoping that after her surgery and physical therapy, she will be able to do more hiking as well as play more volleyball and softball. Her goal is also to vacation more once she finishes therapy.

To prepare for her knee replacement, Sheri’s fitness journey began when she started her prehab with Bellin personal trainer, Liz Standiford. Sheri commends Liz for her positive attitude as well as her constant motivation and support. It made their session’s together fun and enjoyable, ultimately pushing Sheri towards reaching her fitness goals.

Sheri says that personal training really just started her fitness journey. Training connected her with a workout buddy that she is now able to bounce workout ideas around with. She looks forward to continuing her fitness journey after surgery to continue towards a healthier lifestyle. What drives Sheri to continue her fitness journey? How working out makes her feel! She says her energy has increased, she can move around better, and she sleeps better too.

When asked what advice Sheri would give other members, she suggests that members get a watch that allows them to track their activity level. Her Apple watch allows her to track her goals and ultimately keeps her accountable towards reaching them. Sheri also feels that if anyone feels stuck in the same routine, try personal training to mix it up and try something new!


If Sheri’s story has inspired you to give personal training a try, stop at our front desk or contact us at 920-430-4756. Whether you are facing a knee replacement or just looking to feel better, Bellin Personal Trainers are here to help you on your journey. We look forward to meeting you!