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Mary Walden

Posted October 7, 2021 by Bellin Health

Meet Mary Walden, this week’s success story! Mary (85) is a retired teacher who taught at all levels throughout her career. Mary has three daughters, Susan, Sandra, and Judith. When Mary is not training with Amanda, she enjoys reading as well as choral singing in her church choir and Birder Chorale.

In the past Mary and her late husband Alan where active hikers and enjoyed canoeing and camping. Mary credits her daughter Sandra as her driving force to join Bellin Fitness in order to help her stay fit and independent. Mary loves her training sessions with Amanda due to Amanda’s upbeat personality. Amanda helps Mary to stay motivated and determined to continue staying active.

Mary’s favorite type of exercises involves strengthening her legs. Mary recently accomplished a major goal of hers by doing forty sit to stands and walking four laps. She is looking forward to continuing to increase those numbers.

Mary attributes her workouts to her strengthened confidence when attempting new tasks and is very thankful for the support system that she has behind her. Mary encourages anyone who feels stuck or unsure where to start in their fitness journey, to do some personal training, in order to build up ones strength and confidence. Finally, she is an advocate for individuals to walk more throughout the day.