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Owen Somers

Posted August 13, 2021 by Bellin Health

Owen is 65 years old, and a retired police officer and security director whose interests include scuba diving, racquet ball, tennis, football, baseball (since he played for the Milwaukee Minor Leagues and even tried out for the Brewers!), basketball, politics, and investments. Owen lives with his daughter Gabby and dog Jake.

Until February of 2018, Owen lived a notably active lifestyle. He had a stroke, right side affected, that left him immobile in a hospital bed for nearly two months. In the past year and a half, Owen has over come a lot. He initially had difficulty with speech, and though he still struggles with memory, right arm function, vision, walking, and some daily tasks, he has come along way from that hospital bed.

Owen was referred to Bellin Fitness from his therapist at Rennes and began working with Katie Schumann in January of 2019. Some of Owen’s goals included being able to bend down to pick things up, navigate walking with fewer falls, and increase use of his right arm and hand.

At this point, Owen can squat and pick up kettlebells, has increased motion in his leg, neck, arm, hand, and has noticed an increase in the types of daily tasks he can accomplish on his own.

Though Owen’s life was drastically changed by his stroke, he is grateful for the fact that he is self-sufficient, living independently in his own home as well as being financially secure and debt-free in retirement. His future goals are to continue his journey in increasing the functionality of his right side, and hopefully improving to the point where he is able to drive again.

Owen’s advice for others is, “Pick your friends wisely and know, that for others in my situation, there are people who sympathize. Your comradery is greatly appreciated.”