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How Personal Trainer, Dane Stays Active Outside of the Fitness Center

Posted July 8, 2021 by Bellin Health

As a trainer, I often get asked about how great it must be to work in a gym because I’m able to work out all of the time. This is typically far from the truth. The majority of my time is spent working one-on-one with clients or in small groups where I am watching and correcting form, and helping them get through their workouts. Many times my work days don’t accommodate me being able to fit a workout in at the gym. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get a workout in or exercise, I just have had to find alternative ways of staying active.

Personally to stay active, my go-to sport is soccer. I have been playing since age 4 and have only taken one year off from playing in the 31 years since I started. Soccer is a way for me to keep my competitive nature satisfied, spend some time with great friends and of course, get in a great cardiovascular workout, all at once. I play year round here in Green Bay, playing soccer in the summer for Team MillerLiteCup.Com in the Northern Wisconsin Soccer League. During the rest of the year, I move to playing indoor soccer a few nights of the week at the Sports Emporium.

Beyond the soccer field, I enjoy being able to go on walks or golfing with my girlfriend. We also like hiking and exploring many of the parks in Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. If I am fortunate enough to make it home for a weekend to my parents, I absolutely love being out on the water. Kayaking, swimming, water-skiing and wake-boarding are my go-to water sport activities. They aren’t nearly as intense as my college competition water-skiing days were, but it’s always fun to get in a great workout that challenges every muscle in your body.

My philosophy on exercising is to figure out which activities make you happy and do them as much as possible. For me, it’s keeping active through sports, spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends, getting outside as much as possible and when I can’t get outside, then you will find me in the gym lifting!