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Liz’s Journey to Become a Personal Trainer

Posted May 20, 2021 by Bellin Health

My journey to become a personal trainer started in 2009.

I had attended a dance studio for the majority of my life, which always served as an emotional outlet for me and guaranteed weekly exercise. In 2009 I was living in a suburb of Chicago attending Veterinary Technician school. When I was in Illinois I didn’t have dance to fall back on and I reverted back into bad habits. I had seen infomercials for P90x, but didn’t want to invest the money into the program or myself.  One late night/early morning I splurged and decided to make a change for myself. I was nervous as I had always stayed active, but hadn’t done a lot of weight training or organized exercise.

I used those DVD’s religiously and saw results both physically and mentally. My now husband was also doing P90x while he was finishing up his time in the Army. His best friend from the Army had noticed my results and recommended I became a Beachbody Coach (a representative for the company). With much reluctance, I decided to join Beachbody to be able to help people through their fitness journey.

After a while of being a Beachbody Coach and an encouraging voice to others, I wanted to be able to help people even more in their journeys to a healthier lifestyle.

After graduation, I was struggling to find a job in the vet tech world. This is when I realized human fitness/health was where my passion was calling me. I continued my education and finished the associates degree I had started before vet tech school and then went on to UW Oshkosh to complete my bachelors’ degree. I explored Athletic Training during my first semester, as well as the personal training/fitness side of potential degrees I could earn while there.

I quickly realized Strength and Conditioning was my passion and where I would be able to make a larger impact in peoples’ lives. My interest in corrective exercise peaked during one of my classes in my undergraduate education. I was taught by an amazing instructor (think of him as our version of Jim), he was very focused and passionate about corrective exercise and I was intrigued and excited to learn more.

During my last semester of school, I interned with Bellin Health in the physical therapy department/Movement Performance Lab and the rest is history.