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Family Fitness Fun!

Posted January 13, 2021 by Bellin Health

Exercise with my family?! How do I do that?  How many times have you heard the “I’M BORED!!!”?  Or you think to yourself that your kids need to get off that couch and do something!  Exercising as a family is a great way to have fun, connect with each other and do positive things for your body and their bodies.

Think PLAY!

What kinds of things did you have a blast playing as a kid?  Jail break? Hide and Seek?  Freeze tag? Backyard Baseball?  A neighbor invited us to swim in their pool and the mom suggested we all played Marco Polo.  What a workout I got trying to quietly move quickly through the water as my 12-year-old repeated “Marco” and I responded with “Polo”!  He had so much fun trying to catch me and I had so much fun trying to escape him!  It didn’t even feel like a workout until afterwards when I realized how tired I was!  That’s what “playing” can look like!

Think FUN!

Again, think of the things you loved to do as a kid and get back to some version of that.  We have a homerun derby in our backyard because we all love baseball.  I love to dance, so we crank up the tunes (on our TV, of course!) and have a dance party in the living room. There’s lots of options for having FUN…horseshoes, bean bag toss, bike rides, water balloons, horseback lessons, croquet…the list goes on and on.  Try something that sounds exciting for you and your family and just have FUN!


A staple of our family adventures includes hiking.  We don’t have any fancy gear, just gym shoes, a bag for snacks (and to carry all the stuff that comes along with being a parent!) and water bottles for everyone.  Of course, you want to be prepared for the weather and your location.  We hike locally and use mostly well-travelled trails.  We all love exploring the local area.  We’ve discovered waterfalls, a planted path of different tree varieties and even learned about the differences in underbrush and their job at maintaining the health of the trees.

Maybe try Geocaching, a game of hide and seek with various “treasures”. Create your own Scavenger Hunt for time and see who can find everything the fastest.  Develop an obstacle course in your house or backyard (who doesn’t love walking a line or jumping from rug to couch to rug to pillow – Hello Hot Lava!)

Ask the KIDS!

Our children play a lot of awesome games at school, thanks to some fantastic teachers.  Ask your child/ren for suggestions!  My kids love to play Man on Rocks at the playground or Rainbow Tag.  They have great ideas for building obstacle courses in our yard and house. But most of all, they love having time with their parents.  Exercise and family are a great combination for having fun, connecting, learning and doing good for your body.