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10 Tips to Become a Morning Workout Person

Posted December 23, 2020 by Bellin Health

Finding it difficult to get to the gym after work? If so, you may want to consider switching to morning workouts. With fewer distractions and unexpected plans to get in the way, it’s often easier to fit in exercise at the start of the day.

If you’re naturally a morning person, this should be an easy change. But for those who struggle to roll out of bed it might be more of a challenge. Fortunately there are ways to help ease the transition.

Whether you’re a morning person or night owl, here are a few tips to help you power through A.M. workouts:

  1. Take baby steps – If morning workouts are completely new to you, start by setting your alarm back in five minute increments each day. Soon you’ll be up an hour earlier and ready to workout.
  2. Schedule it – Schedule your gym time just as you would an appointment with your doctor or dentist. Add workouts to your calendar and don’t skip out on them.
  3. Plan your workout – Decide if you’re going to workout on your own or if you’ll hit a group exercise class. If you’re doing a routine on your own, decide in advance what you’ll do and for how long.
  4. Get ready the night before – Lay out your gym clothes and gear the night before. Having everything ready to go will also make it easier to get out the door in the morning.
  5. Join a class – Now’s your chance to explore Bellin Fitness group exercise classes.
  6. Hire a personal trainer – Working with a Bellin Fitness personal trainer will help hold you accountable. Paying for sessions and having a trainer counting on you to show up will help motivate you to get to the gym.
  7. Find a workout buddy – Invite a friend and tackle an early morning sweat session together.
  8. Prioritize nutrition – Refuel your body with a quality snack or meal within 30-60 minutes after you complete a workout. If you need snack or meal ideas, talk to our Registered Dietitian, Lee Hrykas, RD.
  9. Keep a workout journal – Write down how you feel and how productive you are throughout the day after doing a morning workout. The next time you want to sleep in, you’ll remember how much better you felt after working out.
  10. Reward yourself – Treat yourself for sticking with your new morning gym routine. For example, buy yourself a new workout top if you do all of your planned workouts for a month.

To get more workout tips, contact a Bellin Fitness personal trainer.