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Together Everyone Achieves More

Posted November 10, 2020 by Bellin Health

Meet Janet Christl and Pam VandeHei! Janet (66 in July) and Pam (70).  Not only are they best friends but they make the best workout team!  Janet has been coming to Bellin Health Fitness for over 10 years.  She has two grown children, Dean and Leah and three grandchildren: Lucas 5, Dylan 3 and Jose who is 1 year old.  Pam has been a member at Bellin Health Fitness for over 5 years and also has two grown children, Cameron and Kim and two granddaughters: Alyssa 16 years old and Natalie who is only 19 months old.  They both love spending time with family and working out together!

Janet and Pam have always been active. Janet remembered a time when she took a year off from coming to the Fitness Center and she didn’t like the way she felt.  Her drive to stay fit helped her recover from a torn meniscus and she was even able to do her own therapy at home.  Pam’s motivation to start coming to Bellin Fitness was because she wanted to feel better.  She was always a walker but she needed more structure and with a push from Janet to join, she has been feeling great ever since.

Besides a torn meniscus, Janet had pain in her shoulder blade from hitting a cow (yep…I said a cow). And, from years of repetitive movement from her job, Pam had shoulder issues as well.  As part of Bellin Health Fitness’ free Pain and Injury Consultations, they both went to see Jim Beversdorf, Corrective Exercise Specialist for help.  Jim gave both of them exercises to do in the gym and at home that helped them tremendously!

The free Pain and Injury Consultations are just one of the reasons they love Bellin Fitness. They both love how friendly and helpful the whole staff is at the Fitness Center as well as the camaraderie of the members.  They love the variety of people they meet and get to talk to as well as the variety of things they can do for their workout.

With heart disease in their family, Janet and Pam are aware of how important it is to stay active and work on their heart health. In addition to cardio activity, they include strength training in their workouts to keep their muscles toned. Keeping active has given them both more energy and strength.  Even when they don’t feel like coming, they always feel better after.  They also always keep in mind that if they continue to stay healthy and fit they will recover from any future injuries and surgeries so much faster.

When I asked them, what advice would you give to help others, Pam stated, “The best thing to do is workout…even if it’s just walking.” Janet’s reply was to workout at least three times a week to get the best results and feel better.