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Motivation + Commitment = Success

Posted October 5, 2020 by Bellin Health

Meet Mitch Babe! Mitch (27) is the son of Customer Service Representative Janet Babe.  He spends lots of time with his family which includes his mom, dad and sister, Jackie.  A recent addition to his family is his dog Bogart who is going to be six this year.  Mitch rescued Bogart 3+ years ago, takes him on walk all of the time and loves the many looks on his bloodhound face.

After two years of Insanity (a home workout video), Mitch decided to do something else…so he joined Bellin Health Fitness. His goals were to add muscle, keep body fat down and come to the gym three days a week.

The obstacle that Mitch had to overcome was maintaining motivation to actually go to the gym. It was hard to stay committed when he wasn’t noticing results as quickly as he wanted.  But having his home in close proximity to Bellin Fitness played a key part in being able to stay on track as well as their equipment.

His life has changed because he has finally noticed results…he has more energy and feels stronger. When asked, what advice would you give to help others, his response was, “Stay committed, ask questions and don’t give up!  You are your own worst critic!”