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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Posted September 22, 2020 by Bellin Health

Meet Mary Berg! Mary (71) recently had her knee replaced and her goal was to walk better – not waddle- and improve her balance.

Mary came to Bellin Health Fitness after going to the Learning in Retirement class and attending the presentation “Know Your Body”. The trainers demonstrated six different screens that she should have been able to perform and unfortunately she was only able to do one of them.   At the end of the presentation, everyone was offered a certificate for a discount to have an additional screen performed and a personal training session.

The obstacle that Mary had to overcome was having patience. She was motivated enough to do the exercises that the trainer provided her, but needed to know right away the exact exercises that she could do to help her reach her goal. Her impatient came from waiting for her body to respond to the mobility exercises they showed her.

Bellin Health Fitness helped Mary greatly. From the excellent Personal Trainer to the exercises that the trainer knew to give her.  They were able to adapt and modify the exercises so that Mary could perform them based on how her body was feeling.

Mary’s life has changed in so many ways but first and foremost…she hasn’t heard people tell her that she is limping anymore because she is walking more upright!  She also used to pull herself up the stairs with her arms, but now she can go up only using the banister for safety.  In addition, she can get up from a low toilet without having to pull herself up using the sink.

More changes include:

  • Being able to cut vegetables while standing at the counter instead of needing to sit at a table
  • Has the strength to open a jar where before she always had to ask someone to open it for her
  • No longer has the stiffness in her left shoulder and can move it a lot more since rotator cuff surgery
  • Being able to use the squat machine at the gym as well as balance on one leg.
  • Her blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now in the normal range

When asked what advice would you give to help others, Mary replied, “Don’t be afraid to find out how you’re moving by going through a screen. Be faithful to the exercises that the trainer gives you.  Ask for help if you forget how to do something.”