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Building New Relationships

Posted September 15, 2020 by Bellin Health

Meet Carol Landwehr! Carol (87) has a family full of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Carol started her fitness journey because she just wanted to see what she could do. The hardest thing to do was just getting started but once she did she felt success!

Her goals were to keep limber and active. Carol goes twice a week to the Bellin Health Fitness SilverSneakers classes at our Ashwaubenon location.  Participating in these classes has helped her walk with confidence and the biggest change in her life is that she feels so much better about herself.  She has also built a relationship with Darlene the class instructor.  They spend time at Carol’s house crocheting, sharing vegetables from her garden and sweets that she baked.

When asked what advice would you give others she simply said, “Try it!” Her doctor said it was great that she is doing this at her age.  Carol is very thankful for being able to dance at her granddaughter’s wedding…she says couldn’t have done it without the motivation of Darlene.