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Good Health Is Blooming

Posted May 31, 2020 by Bellin Health

Meet Jean Bricker! When I asked Jean what her age was she said that she always says she’s 66 because that’s Ray Nitschke’s number…which tells me she’s an avid Packer fan.  Jean actually just turned 73 on Friday… happy birthday to her!  She currently shares her life with her two rescue cats…Sally and Cleopatra.  Cleopatra was a stray who would come to her house every day to eat from last October to this February.  On Valentine’s Day, Jean decided to take Cleopatra in to get shots at a pet shelter and she’s been living in Jean’s house ever since…I’d say that’s a great love story.

Jean began her journey at Bellin Fitness four days after they told her she was in remission from her fight with cancer which was October 2016. Her primary goal when she first started was to lose 20 pounds, “Just like everyone else” Jean stated with a laugh.  She also started working with Liz Standiford, one of our certified Personal Trainers to strengthen her back as well as, Jim Beversdorf, our Corrective Exercise Specialist, to rehab an inflamed tendon in her shoulder.  Since working with both of them, she is back to feeling 100 percent!

Once her body was at 100 percent, Jean began attending our Group Fitness Classes three times a week; two Silver Sneakers classes and a Chair Yoga class. Besides classes, she also comes to the gym to get in her cardio on the Elliptical machine four times a week increasing her resistance as she gets stronger.  Now that’s what I call dedication to your health!  She definitely considers herself a success because everything feels stronger…her legs, arms, shoulder and back as well as her endurance improving greatly from all of her hard work on the elliptical.

It’s obvious that Jean’s life has definitely changed since going into remission. Her health has bloomed and she is stronger and feels so much healthier.  Jean loves that fact that she has met so many new people at Bellin Fitness to share her life experiences with.  Being healthier, she now enjoys cooking (and eating), being outside and working in her eight flower beds…her favorite flower is the red Bee Balm.

When I asked Jean, what advice would you give to help others, she replied “Start out slow, keep going and keep challenging yourself.”